A Walk Around Darjeeling

After about 3 hours of our memorable toy train ride from Kurseong, we finally reached Darjeeling. Darjeeling is a favourite vacation location for Bengalis of Calcutta, wanting to get away from the hot and weather of the plains. Come summer vacations for schools, and the tourists flock to the town.

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How about life-long atonement, dear victim?

I may have been as old as the young journalist, or perhaps even younger, when I was sexually assaulted by a senior manager in a blue chip company where I was interning 20 years ago. I was able to tell him off and I decided to submit along with my internship report, an account of what had happened with me as an epilogue. I had secretly hoped that the man would be hauled up appropriately by the head of the department, who incidentally was a woman.

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A quiet evening in Kanha

As you would know I have just returned from Kanha national park, a Tiger reserve and wildlife sanctuary. Jungle life is so exciting and thrilling. Travel Gods, if there are any, thank you. I was fortunate enough to see tigers, please note the plural. Actually, to say, I just spotted a tiger would be an understatement.

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The bitter truth we seek to avoid - Tarun Tejpal, Aarushi murder case and more

All of us, who are reading this piece, consider ourselves educated, law-abiding citizens. Crimes like the double murder by the Talwars, alleged sexual assaults by Tarun Tejpal and alleged sexual harassment of an intern by now retired justice AK Ganguly that have been happening around us make us appreciate the principles we have stood by. We secretly take pride in our accomplishments and thank the Lord that we have not had to face such situations as some of these high-profile accused have had to.

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WTO is trying to strike at developing country food security

If India has to save its agriculture; if India has to protect the livelihood security its 600 million farmers, it cannot allow to trade hunger at the altar of international trade and development. The Peace Clause being offered to India (for a period of 4-years) at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) is simply a temporary reprieve. It only defers for 4-years the dangerous fallout from an unjust and inequitable trade agreement.

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A Photo Walk through Mysore Zoo

What can I say about the Mysore zoo that hasn’t already been said before? There is no doubt that it is among the best zoos in India – one that actually makes you want to visit again… and again. So inviting in fact, that on our summer trip to Mysore, we visited the zoo twice!

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